Sunday, December 18, 2011

A nighty Interview with SUNNY LEONE

Hello, Sunny!! How are you and did you like India?
Sunny: Hi I am good and I belong to Indian ethnicity so it feels great to be back. In fact all my friends and 'colleagues' like India and they have asked me to bring some ‘books’ so that we can learn and be better at our profession.

How was your experience with people in big boss and other males you met here?
Sunny: Frankly speaking i had heard that I was quite famous among Indian men, but when i got here the scene was completely different. In big boss too every male was asking my name and my profession as if they do not know me.
I think that folks in India are quite decent, conservative and innocent. They do not see the movies i act in.

So sunny why did you choose to ACT in movies?
Well, I would not say It was my parents’ dream to see me as a STAR, as a typical Indian family my daddy wanted me to become a doctor and my mother wanted me to become a teacher. Even i joined a medical college but i never felt passion for it. I saw a Hindi movie 3 idiots. Hero said "WO kaam karo jisme maza aata ho phir kaam kaam nhi khel hoga" and I found one thing i really enjoyed so I pursued higher degree of excellence in it and here i am.

Sunny!! We have heard that you are married already? So your partner never had any problem with you 'working'?
Sunny:- No he has been quite supportive, even everyday sorry every night he helps me in my rehearsals and helps me to enhance my output....

What was the biggest resistance in your career?
Sunny: Well initially I was not able to get EXPOSURE but then I made CONNECTIONS with right people who let me expose my talent.

We have heard that Mr. Bhatt wants to sign you for his new movie.. What is your opinion on that?
Sunny: Frankly speaking I do not like to work in that movie as my agent has told me that there are some inappropriate intimate scenes in the movie, which I am not sure about, as I am a very shy person.

So, Sunny anything you would like to say to our Indian people specially Engineers or geeks who are your biggest fan?
Sunny: Thank you for your support and LOVE, believe me that I will keep LOVING you (virtually) but please  do not engage into piracy, you know people like me put away lots of HARD WORK to make some creative stuff please respect that and buy my movie from my website.

So thanks Sunny for being with us it was nice talking to you…

P.S. this interview is not real and is created for fun so in case SUNNY mam or your lawyers read it, it was my pleasure that you read my blog. Seriously mam!! BIG FAN..


  1. hahah amazing caption :P

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  3. was working on sunny content and found dis.....awesome humor re.laga reh

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